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Unboxing Sony α7R IV

Unboxing Sony α7R IV

Today's video is a bit different from the usual Take & Talk Pics stuff. Sony reached out to me and asked if I could try out some of their gear. I never reached out to them or inquired about reviewing their gear before but after this experience, I would love to continue trying out their newest cameras and lenses.

As a hardcore Nikon user, I would really like to be doing some reviews for Nikon but if Sony wanted to take me on and sponsor me I would make the switch. Sorry, Nikon... I'm not changing over any time soon but just know that the camera company that would sponsor me would be on the fast track to winning my loyalty.

I was given the Sony α7R IV, Vertical Grip for α9 II and α7R IV, FE 12–24 mm F2.8 GM, FE 135mm F1.8 GM, FE 24-70 mm F2.8 GM, 2 Sony High-speed flash, and wireless transmitter.

Sony set me up with the three lenses, two flashes, and the camera but they sent everything through It was a really cool solution to get the gear out to me quickly and efficiently. I will say it was really easy from start to finish. There are a lot more details about Sony contacting me and how this all came about but that is for a future episode.

Thank you to Sony and Lensrentals for setting this up and getting me all of this gear to try out. I had a blast and I was happy to review the gear for you. In total, I did 4 separate shoots so in the next 4 weeks I will be releasing each of the different shoots I had done with the Sony gear.

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