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Unboxing Joby GorillaPod Focus and Promaster MG2

Updated: Sep 15

With today's episode, I am unboxing and reviewing the Joby GorillaPod Focus. I have decided to get the Promaster MG2 ball head mount and VKtech release plate to complete the setup. Back when I first did this episode I was really excited about the new gear but I found that even after 5 years I rarely use this setup. If you travel a lot and like those low angle landscapes or macro this could be a great setup for you. I know that while I don't often take this along for the trips or out for a shoot it comes in handy when I need that oddball solution.

This is a really expensive investment for it to not be used too often but I could see many uses for it for photographers who want what the GorillaPod can do and plan on taking it with every time. In fact, I have a shoot coming up where the only support solution will be the GorillaPod so at least I know of yet another time where it will come in handy.

My biggest issue is more about my ridiculous expectations and how they are not satisfied with the GorillaPod and Promaster MG2 combo. I want this support system to hold my D850 with a vertical grip and the Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 VR II. I want it to hold tight to a railing without slipping forward to back. I want more than what this setup can really handle but I know when I need a light setup and I take my mirrorless setup with those kit lenses this GorillaPod does the trick.

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