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Martha Stewart Weddings with Liz Banfield

Updated: Jul 30

Today’s featured guest is Liz Banfield.

Liz, is a wedding and commercial photographer, who’s artful and candid style has become her hallmark. Her work is regularly published in Martha Stewart Weddings and Town & Country Weddings. Liz travels the world photographing weddings. She has these accomplishments and countless others while keeping her focus in shooting with film.

Across categories, from advertising to weddings, Liz’s creative signature is easily spotted in her mastery of light, pitch-perfect styling and a knack for bringing out the natural beauty of her subjects. She is inspired by what is real, finding art in the truth of life's iconic moments.

A former executive at advertising agency Fallon, Liz started her career shooting assignments for her stylish colleagues. She gained her following on a foundation of hard work, high standards and effortless client service. On assignment, she speaks the language of collaboration and enjoys working with other creative partners to make great work together.

See her work:

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