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How to use Depth of Field

Updated: Nov 16

Depth of Field

There are three factors when it comes to depth of field.

It is helpful to know all three, how and why they work. The best part to know is each of the three can be used individually and using two or three tools that affect Depth of Field will only enhance your ability as a photographer to make the decisions you want in creating the look you want for your images.

The go-to is a shallow depth of field. This is where you have a subject in clear sharp focus and a blurry background. Call it bokeh, call it blur, or just out of focus area... What you are talking about is shallow depth of field. This is the photojournalistic look that so many photographers like to use.

We discussed one of these tools that will affect your depth of field just two weeks ago... Aperture!

The others are equally as important and useful. Once you use one, you will want to try the next, and then all three to make the best use of your depth of field.

listen or watch the video to learn the other two factors and start taking great pictures with these tools!

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