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How to Capture Candids with Abby Grace

Today’s featured guest is Abby Grace Springman.

Abby is a Washington DC-based wedding and anniversary photographer who specializes in old-school chic couples where she documents authentic love. The majority of Abby’s work is far from posed and those candid moments show the love her clients share in their most true form. Simply put… her images are Real!

Abby Grace is a DC-based photographer who specializes in anniversaries and weddings for the old-school-chic couple in love! Her work has brought her across the world, from California to Chianti, Italy, and she makes a point to keep travel a constant theme in her work. An educator, speaker, and lover of all things Harry Potter-related, she spends her free time with her husband, their two rescue pups, and a recently-acquired hive of honeybees!

See her work:

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