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How to Break the Rules of Photography and Win

Two rules and one tip! Rules are made to be broken and my tip today is just something for you to try out and play with a bit. Have fun and Happy Shooting!

Photo World we know there are things we can do with our cameras, the lenses, and how we use photo editing software to make sure we get great pictures to have everything we need in place to have "done it right". We all know that rules are meant to be broken and I have a theory when it comes to the rules in photography.

What if you become an expert. An expert on all things related to your camera and how to use it. An expert on your lenses and the different ways to use them so you can master any image you envision to capture. An expert to the point when you load your image into Photoshop or Lightroom you know every click and every adjustment to execute perfection from start to finish.

Well... good luck with that. There is no way that we can all be experts in every aspect of every minute detail. However, we can always improve and an easy way to do that is to learn the rules of your trade. Things like the Shutter Millimeter rule or Rule of Thirds. Whatever you earn you can always lean on them and have those "rules" in your back pocket when you feel stumped on how to elevate your imagery.

If you have any questions about Lightroom please feel free to reach out and contact me directly. Stay cool Photo World! And Happy Shooting!


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