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How to Become a University Photographer with Lyndsie Schlink - ISU

Updated: Nov 16

How to Become a University Photographer with Lyndsie Schlink - ISU

Today’s featured guest is Lyndsie Schlink.

Lyndsie is a portrait photographer based out of Normal IL. However, she has a full-time job in addition to her photography business. Today I want to speak with Lyndsie about her full-time work. See… Lyndsie is the Senior University Photographer for Illinois State University. After completing, her Mass Communication degree in 2004 Lyndsie continued with her photography and in 2007 started with ISU full time.

"I was inspired by my mom to become a photographer. My mom always took a lot of photos of my sister and I growing up, whether it was playing in the yard, at summer camp, or family vacations. Her love of art led to my love of art." Lyndsie shared with me.

Lyndsie's professional career began as a student photographer at ISU taking photos for the Vidette, which led to a job at The Pantagraph and later the Herald and Review.

For the past eight years, she has worked full time as the University Photographer at ISU documenting student life, events, and activities. I love the variety of work, which gives me the freedom of a newsroom as well as the creativity of art.

When she is not working for ISU, Lyndsie enjoys photographing friend’s families, children, pets, and special events like birthdays and weddings. "I love getting the chance to meet new people and capture their emotions and interactions through my lens."

"You’ll likely see my smile peeking from behind the camera as I photograph children playing in a pile of leaves at the park or a couple in love staring into each other's eyes during a photo session.

I also have a love of country music and enjoy photographing concerts, as well as traveling and taking photos of my vacations around the country.

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