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Get Shit Done with Seth Lowe

Updated: Nov 4

Get Shit Done with Seth Lowe

Today’s featured guest is Seth Lowe.

Seth is a lifestyle and portrait photographer in Peoria, IL. His portrait work always seems to host a unique perspective of his subjects.

His quote says it all. - "Get Shit Done."

It's about time we were blunt and got real for a change. If we can't get things done then what the heck are we doing. The 9-5 or part-time job is honorable and there is no shame in it. If you want to go full-time photographer do it right and do it gradually. Though, remember to get things done in all areas of your life to maintain order and a better end result by the end of each day. I can preach all day on shifting gear and moving forward but I think Seth expresses some great points in this interview. Listen to Seth Lowe on Take & Talk Pics and get the motivation to start or in some ways restart and crush your business.

I am a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Peoria, IL.

I was born in a farm town and raised around people who work with their hands. My dad owned a construction company and started taking me out on-site from an early age. From that I learned what it meant to go the extra mile for people, never give up, and how to creatively solve problems. I thrive on being challenged, finding new ways of accomplishing things, and connecting with people. Traveling, telling stories, and connecting with people are my passions.

On a personal note; my wife is English, and I wish I was a rally car driver. My dream is to own a breakfast cafe with a studio above it that has an after school program to teach kids photography and video.

See his work:

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